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Traces of Salmonella Found in the Peaches at Krogers!

Last week, Samantha Cross was at Krogers, shopping for groceries as she normally would. She was in the fruit section, when she decided to buy some peaches since they looked extra yummy at that time, however, what she didn’t know was that those peaches has traces of salmonella, a foodborne illness known to cause stomach aches, cramping, and diarrhea.

She later realised after eating the peaches and suffering stomach aches and cramps, that it was the peaches that had caused her to feel this. She decided to contact Krogers to let them know that their peaches had given her stomach aches and cramps and that they should see if there was anything wrong with their peaches.

Recalling the Peaches

After they were made aware of what was wrong with the peaches, and the bottom of every receipt was a message reading, If you have purchased any of the peaches from our store, please return them as they have been contaminated with traces of salmonella. We will offer you a full refund.
After the warning was issued, all peaches were returned and disposed of.